Beaches in Karnataka : List of best Beaches in Karnataka


About Beaches in Karnataka

As Karnataka is located towards eastern coast, it has coastal line which has many beaches. Beaches usually consist of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles or cobble stones. Beaches are used for diving, boat rides and more adventurous activities.The 320 kilometre coastline of Karnataka is flourished with attractive palm-fringed beaches. These beaches enhance the natural beauty of the place. Many tourists are attracted to the place because of its stunning beaches.

Beaches in Karnataka

Beaches in Karnataka

The fascinating and most attractive beaches in Karnataka are:

Karwar Beach

Karwar Beach in the state of Karnataka is one of the most famous beaches in South India. The peaceful atmosphere and royal surrounding are the best attraction in Karwar. The Karwar beaches in Karnataka are famous retreat for the city people to stay away from the chaos of the city. Karwar beaches in Karnataka greets its visitors with some beautiful hill views, landscapes enveloping the sea. The Karwar Beach is an ideal destination for water sports.

Karwar is the district headquarters of Uttara Kannada and has some riveting beaches in the place. Karwar beachs in Karnataka is bordered by palm trees and pleasant woods. The golden sand of the Karwar beaches are a perfect retire.

Murudeshwar Beach

The Murudeshwar Beach in the state of Karnataka is one of the most attractive beaches in South India that offers you a mesmerising experience. The Murudeshwara beach provides you a beautiful and heart touching view of the famous Murudeshwara temple. The temple is surrounded by three sides by beaches. The Murudeshwar Beach of Karnataka has been ideal venue for planning tours amidst the panoramic nature.

The Murudeshwar Beach is situated 16 kilometres away from the city of Bhatkal. At Beach you can hang out for fishing or swim in its beauty or take a royal sun bath and relive yourself on the sandy land, meanwhile relish.

Murudeshwar Beach

Murudeshwar Beach

Gokarna Beaches

Gokarna beaches are also one among the best beaches in Karnataka. The beauty of the beaches here can’t be described through words. The experience at the beach would lavishly kill your time. Gokarna beaches have mainly four beaches named Kudle beach of Gokarna, Om Beach of Gokarna, Half-moon and Paradise Beach of Gokarna.

Each and every Gokarna beaches attracts lots of people from in and around the globe through its inexpressible beauty of the beach as well as the surrounding place.

Gokarna beach is reachable from Karwar about 56 kilometres away. Gokarna beaches are considered holy as per Hindu mythology and it is believed that whoever visits these beaches are sinner riders.

Malpe Beach

Malpe beach of Karnataka is one of the model tourist destinations in South India or even in the country. Malpe is a striking beach that offers a tranquil environment to all its visitors to relax in. Malpe beach of Karnataka is renowned for its sandy land circled with palm trees that are a delightful and thrilled to the visitors and the sea with its mild waves.

Malpe Beach at Karnataka is easily accessible from Udipi and Manipal which are only 6 kilometers away or Mangalore which is just 58 kilometers away.

St Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Island is a set of small islands off the coast of Malpe bordering Arabian Sea in the district Udupi  of Karnataka. In 1498 it is said the voyager Vasco Da Gama landed on one of these islands.

St. Mary’s Island is unique from others because theses beaches are not available for swimming or rambling fairly they offer you an rare experience of watching the development of volcanic rocks and the sunset at the St Mary’s is worth watching and the view of the crimson sky cannot be experienced anywhere else.

St. Mary’s Island is easily reachable from Mangalore which is just 58 kilometers away.

Kaup Beach

Kaup beach is one of the vastly populated beaches in the state of Karnataka. The Kaup beach is known for its placid surrounding and chill atmosphere. The beach is covered by greenery of the woods. The fragrance of the surrounding flora that blows across the whole beach alongwith the cool breeze from the waters has got a soothing effect for the people. The Kaup beach is the best place for retreat.

Kaup beach is located at the littoral belt which badges through the West Coast of the National Highway and is only 12 kilometres from Udupi.

Marwanthe Beach

Marawanthe beaches of Karnataka are one of the loveliest beaches in the whole of South India. Marawanthe beaches in Karnataka are fenced by Kodachadri Hills and are between Arabian Sea and the Sauparnika River. At Marawanthe beach you can have bliss amidst the gentle waves of the river while swimming or try different river sports or water sports. Tourists also go out for fishing or take a sun bath or stroll around the Marawanthe beach

Marawanthe beach is located 50 kilometers away from Udupi, 110 kilometers from Mangalore and 450 kilometers away from Bangalore.

Bhatkal Beach

The Bhatkal Beach is located 16 kilometres away from the place called Bhatkal. Surrounded by the sea and the hills, this place is well-known for the elegant temple perched on a hillock near the shore of the beach. The best time to visit the Bhatkal beach is August to March.

Surathkal Beach

The Surathkal Beach is famous for its natural scenic beauty and its calm atmosphere. Tourists spend weekends in the beauty of Surathkal.

Kurumgad Beach

Kurumgad Beach is a tortoise shaped Island with beautiful beaches surrounding it. The Kurumgad beach is very popular for the Narasimha temple located close to the beach.

Someshwara Beach, Ullal

The Someshwara beach also known as Ullal summer sand is popular destination for capturing the moment when the sun spreads its orange wings while dipping into the sea creating a magical picture. The beach is well known for the large rocks called “RudraShile”.

Someshwara Beach, Ullal

Someshwara Beach, Ullal

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