How to maintain good health

Health is a condition of organisms in a body. If someone who are mentally and physically fit then we can tell that they have good health. Good health always depends on lifestyle, environment, leaving standards and social-eco factors. Health is not just a physical fit it also includes mental health and social relationships too. For maintain  a good health try and learn to leave simple worry less life to leave long. If you had ever noticed or felt any unusual changes in your body, don’t hesitate to consult your physician.

To maintain good health never skip the breakfast and eat nutritious foods as well as avoid junk foods. People who skip the breakfast are less active than who never skip the breakfast. Always eat food which is rich in fiber and low in calories and try to break your food intakes frequently instead of having full stomach for 3 times a day. Avoid eating food if you not feeling hungry and simultaneously never stay hungry for long time. Reduce intake of sugar and foods which is rich in calories to weight control. Try to find some time for regular exercises at least 30 minutes per day which keeps you active and healthy. Morning exercise is always recommended which keeps you active throughout of the day.

Never skip your sleep and try to fix the sleep timings to get good sound sleep.  Don’t take your worries to bedroom and keep bed room always calm. Everyone need sound sleep and rest to boost their immune system.  Avoid heavy dinner before sleep and do not drink much water before going to bed.

Maintain healthy food habits like, have fiber rich foods and by avoiding fried items, smoking, white bread, junk foods, fast foods, processed foods and simultaneously  do not forget  to control your taste buds.  Drink plenty of water instead of soda, artificial juices and carbonated soft drinks. Expensive artificial drinks will put more pressure on you kidneys as well as burden for your expenditures.

Eat foods that naturally grow like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Stay hydrated and always tries to avoid process or refined foods. Try to walk as much possible, avoid elevator and take the stairs whenever possible. Lower your stress level and find ways to have relaxation for some time for the day.  Avoid excessive intake of any form of sugar or artificial sweetened drinks. Always smile and studies proven that a positive outlook and attitude in a day will improve immune systems.

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