Places to visit in Mangalore : List of best Places to visit in Mangalore


Best Places to visit in Mangalore

Mangalore is also called as Kudla in Tulu and Mangalapuram in Malayalam. Mangalore is one of the main port cities in the state of Karnataka in India. Mangalore lies between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain ranges. Mangalore is one of the beautiful tourist places in South India. Kadambas, Vijayanagar dynasty, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas, and the Portuguese ruled the place. Mangalore’s landscape has rolling hills, coconut palms, freshwater streams, red-clay floored houses and tiled-roof tops. Mangalore is demographically diverse with several languages like Tulu, Konkani, Kannada and Malayalam. The region of Mangalore is laid on banks of river Netravathi and Gurupura.  There are many attractive and beautiful places to visit in Mangalore.

List of places to visit in Mangalore

Mangala Devi Temple

Mangaladevi temple is a famous Hindu temple which is located in a place called Bolara in the city of Mangalore. The name Mangalore is derived from the name Mangaladevi and the temple was built by the Ballal family of Attavar in the remembrance of the princess of Kerala.

Light House Hill-Garden or Tagore Park

Light House Hill-Garden provides an amazing sea view and sunset view. And the place is located 1km away from the main bus stand of Mangalore. It is believed to be built by Hyder Ali.

Sultan Battery

It is constructed in black stone by Tipu Sultan to prevent the opponents from entering the Gurpur River. It is situated in a place called Boloor which is 6kms away from the Mangalore City bus stand. The remains of the Tipu’s fort presently is only a well called Tipu’s well. And the place gives the impression that this is a miniature fortress. There is a beautiful beach near Sultan Battery for which we have to cross the river through boats.

Kateel Durga Parameswari Temple

On the banks of river Nandini, the beautiful Devi Durga Parameswari Temple is located. The temple has a historic importance and many devotees visit the temple throughout the year. The temple has the idol of Goddess Durga Devi in sitting posture holding Shank and Chakra. Kateel Devi Durga Parameswari Temple have special gathering during the season of Navarathri.

Kateel Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple

Kateel Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple

Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

It is one of the major attractions in Mangalore. It is located 3kms away from the Nehru Maidan Bus Stand in Mangalore. Mangalore Dasara is also known as Kudroli  Navarathri Utsava which is well known in south India.

Pilikula Nisargadhama

Pilikula has a literal meaning Tiger’s Lake; it is a place where tigers used to come to drink water. Pilikula have a beautiful vast lake and charming gardens surrounding the lake. Boating facilities are provided in the lake, you have an option of either choosing a pedal boat or larger boats which accommodate nearly ten people at a time. It is a best place to go for a picnic with the family and friends. Swans and ducks roam in the lake which enriches the beauty of the lake.

Sri Sharavu Mahaganapathy Temple

Mangalore is not only a tourist place it is also a renowned as a piligrimage centre. There are many sacred places in the city. The Sharavu Mahaganapathy Temple illustrates history of marathon of 800 years.

St. Aloysius Chapel

The famous St. Aloysius Chapel is popular for its Architecture. The St. Aloysius Chapel is compared to the Sistine chapel which is located in Rome. St. Aloysius Chapel was built in the year 1899-1900. It is located 1km away from Nehru Maidan Bus Stand on the Light house hill. The beauty of St. Aloysius Chapel is enriched by its beautiful series of paintings which covers the walls of the church. The St. Aloysius Chapel is also known as the Architectural gem. Every inch of the interiors roof and walls of St Aloysius Chapel was designed and made into the form by Moscheni who was trained in Italy.

Kadri Manjunath Temple

Kadri Manjunath Temple nestles on the foot of the hill has nine tanks and the temple is in square in shape. Kadri Manjunath Temple dates back to 1068 A.D, and is a historic spot in the city. Kadri Manjunath Temple has the bronze statue of the Lokeshwara, Lord Shiva is said to be the best statue in the country. There are few stone caves on peak of the hill which are referred to as the caves of the Pandavas. There is also a matt called ‘Jogimutt’ on the top of the hill. Hundreds of people flock to this place annually.


Moodabidri is referred to as ‘Jain Varanasi’ of South India. The place has 18 Jain bastis or Monasteries for Jains. The Chandranatha Basti built in 1429 is popular for its 1000 pillared architecture. The temple or the Basti worships image of one of the twenty-four Tirthankaras (saints).


This place is located on the banks of river Gurupur. It is a sacred place for its 11 meters height statue of Lord Bahubali, which was constructed in 1604. The place has a Monolithic Gommanteshwara statue which is 11 meters in height and built in 1604. It also has eight bastis and some remains of a Mahadeva temple. It is located 50kms towards the north of Mangalore.

The major attraction in Mangalore for tourist is the beaches of Mangalore. There are many beaches in Mangalore as it is located in the coastal line of the country. The major few beaches of the place are listed below:

Someshwar Summer Sand Beach

Someshwar Beach is located in Ullal, which is 11 km to the south of the Mangalore.  It is a sangama of River Netravati and the Arabian Sea. It is said to be one of the best beach in south-India. The sea-bed is extremely rocky and is dangerous for swimming. It is a great place to relax and watch the spectacular sunsets.

Someshwar Summer Sand Beach

Someshwar Summer Sand Beach

Kaup Beach

The Kaup Beach is situated about 45 kms to the north of Mangalore. The Kaup beach has a lighthouse which is open to visitors to have a beautiful view of the beach.

Malpe Beach

Malpe beach is one of the famous beaches of Mangalore. It is located 60kms to the north of Mangalore. The beach has few islands in it and has many resorts in the seashore. Ferries are the means of transport to reach St. Marry’s Island which is one of the beautiful islands surrounded by Arabian Sea and full of huge rocks.

Other places to visit in Mangalore are Tannirbhavi Beach,Suratkal Beach,Panambur Beach, Panambur Harbour, Udupi Krishna Temple, Madhur Ganapathy Temple, Shree Dharmastal Temple, Annegudde Vinayaka Temple, Kollur Mookambika Temple, Seyyid Madani Jumma Masjid & Darga Ullal, Milagres Church, Kukke Subramanya Temple.

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